Subhash Khand, Giri Nagar, Kalka Ji, New Delhi 110019, India
Celebration and Significance
Subhash Khand Second Family get together 2017 celebrated.
CCTV camera installed in our Sociaty
Go Green Initiative
SKYA & Residents Started Plantation Drive

Welcome to

Subhash Khand Youth Association

It is proud privilege for me to introduce the newly launched website of our Society.

SKYA – Subhash Khand Youth Association :: SKYA represents the residents of Subhash Khand society as a its youth members. SKYA currently is supported by its Giri Nagar Sudhar Simiti. The SKYA Membership has thus so far increased and its started to work on May 2015.

SKYA is committed to take the society forward with a progressive attitude and by exploiting its resources to the best possible level. We request all its members to come forward to contribute in their own way to improve the lifestyle of our families and secure the environment for our children.

Latest Updates

  • SKYA Website launch
  • Installed CCTV in Subhash Khand
  • Address marking board
  • Guard only for night
  • Outside parking not allowed and strictly actioned
  • Guest can park only with the Guest sticker
  • Upcoming events in our Society


How do we work

  • We work all together - we can do more
  • We are transparent
  • We believe in a 2-way communication process.
  • We believe in sharing. We believe in visibility. We believe in win-win situations.